How to clean your storage unit

People tend to acquire a lot of stuff during their lifetimes. We try to store all of this stuff in our homes but that is sometimes impossible. Thus we rent storage units from local movers NYC or some other companies. And sometimes our stuff will make that storage unit dirty. Then we need to clean that storage unit. There are good and bad ways of doing so but we will focus on good practices. Decluttering, organizing, cleaning. That is what we guide you through in this article.

Clean your storage unit properly – useful tips!

These three simple steps will make sure that your storage unit is clean and shiny with the least amount of effort. You can add in any other steps if you wish but these are the important ones.

  • get rid of clutter first!
  • organize your storage unit
  • clean your storage unit – use proper cleaning supplies!

Organization is key to success! Plan everything in advance.

Get Rid Of Clutter First!

Decluttering is something that you need to do before you even start with cleaning your storage unit. As any good movers Staten Island can tell you, the less stuff you have, the easier it gets. Thus, see to remove everything that you will not need anymore. While you might keep everything, the simple act of taking everything out and trying to declutter will leave your storage in prime cleaning condition.

And by this, I mean that it will be empty. Even if it is not empty, you will have an easier time accessing every part of your storage unit if most of your stuff is outside it. And these are great conditions to start cleaning.

Organize Your Storage Unit

While you are at it, you might as well organize your storage unit even better. A good organization will also help you to save some money on storage expenses! While you might have simply crammed everything in the first time, now is the time to think further ahead. Consider cleaning in this organization. Try to organize everything that you have minimal work ahead of you when you come to clean the next time. This can potentially save you a lot of work and can make the next cleaning process that much easier. Bottom line is, the more you organize the less work you will have. And less work is always a good thing.

Clean Your Storage Unit – Use Proper Cleaning Supplies!

The most important thing when cleaning your storage unit is to have proper cleaning supplies. Figure out what kinds of surfaces you need to clean and prepare accordingly. If you have a lot of glass surfaces, bring cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for this purpose. The same goes for any other surface, really. Also, make sure that you have adequate cleaning implements as that will make your work a lot easier.

cleaning supplies

Get proper cleaning supplies and clean your storage unit thoroughly!

For example, if you know that you will be dealing with spaces on a high elevation, you might want to bring a ladder with you. Simple as that. Know what you are going to be doing and prepare for it. Preparation is the key to success!