How to choose the right neighborhood in Queens?

If you are reading this post most likely you are planning on moving to Queens. This is an excellent choice since it is the largest and most diverse NYC borough, accounting for almost any lifestyle imaginable. Therefore guaranteeing you will fit right in. However, given its large scale, we recognized that if you were to choose the right neighborhood in Queens you might be baffled by the magnitude of options. However, don’t worry! We will help you in this endeavor by providing you with just a few simple steps that will guide you to your dream neighborhood and home. More than a few tips, we’ll also provide you with one of the best moving companies Queens has. But more on that some other time. You know what they say – a bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing, so pick carefully!

Choose the perfect neighborhood in Queens

Right from the get-go, we will acknowledge that there exists noone size fits all neighborhood in Queens“. Like cars and homes, choosing the right neighborhood is solely dependant on you and your personal preferences. A good rule of thumb when choosing the right neighborhood in Queens is to look at your lifestyle and try to find something that can accommodate it. According to DA Moving NYC, here’s what you should do.


A man looking at papers.

If you’re buying a new home, the neighborhood you choose can be just as important as the choice of home.

Step number one is to brainstorm your ideal neighborhood. If you had all the money in the world where would you like to live? Would you live in a quiet and old neighborhood surrounded by trees and parks with a tight-knit community? Or would you prefer a more active community, with a lot of restaurants and people? Do you have an ideal picture? Great. Write it down.

Step number two is to brainstorm your worst neighborhood. Imagine a situation in which you had no luxury of choosing the right neighborhood, but rather you were given one that you desperately hate. Got it? Great. Write it down.

We have now a clear representation of what you want to strive to and an accurate representation of where you do not want to end up. Armed with this knowledge you can now choose the right neighborhood in Queens!

Choosing the right neighborhood in Queens

If you are a Queens resident then you do not need any introduction to its neighborhoods.  However, let us say you are moving to New York for the first time. In that case here is a list of popular neighborhood spots in Queens:


Astoria is a middle-class residential neighborhood. It offers relatively cheap rent and a gorgeous view of Manhattan from the Astoria Park, with a sprinkle of greek cuisine tossed in there for good measure. This is the only place where you can find a big beer garden in New York City (Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden) which is a must visit on summer weekends with family and friends!

A bridge.

Beautiful view of Manhattan from Astoria Park

Jamaica Estates

If more space and privacy is what you require, Jamaica Estates is the perfect spot for you! This is a quiet and safe neighborhood for newlyweds looking to start a family. However, it will cost you seeing as houses in this area generally sell for more than one million dollars.

Long Island City

Long Island City is an emerging hotspot for older and newer generations alike. Hip nightclubs, jaw-dropping skylines, and art galleries are very common here! Many affordable housing options exist here – condos, apartments and the like.


If the suburban middle-class residential location that’s close to Manhattan is what you are looking for then look no further. Sunnyside is the place for you. You will also find unity in the community. Since neighbors gather in private gardens for picnics.

Forest Hills 

Like Astoria, Forest Hills is an awesome pick for anyone looking to start a family. It checks all the boxes – a plethora of parks, good schools and low crime rates. Activities such as golf, horseback riding, and playing fetch are a regular here. However, it can be a bit pricey since you cannot buy a home under a million dollars.

Kew Gardens 

If you loved the idea of Forest Hills but found it to be pricey, and looking for something more low-cost, then Kew Gardens checks all the boxes that Forest Hills does but for a smaller price! The downside is that the community is densely packed, and is lacking in amenities. However, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens are just one subway ride away!


If you cannot imagine yourself living without the presence of a shore and water in sight, you do not want to miss out on Bayside. It’s cheap, it has a boat marina, and it is great for fishing! Hire moving companies in Queens that will make your relocation as easy and painless as possible!


Say you want a quiet suburban life but still want all the perks of living in the busy New York City, Bellerose offers just this. Located in eastern Queens, this is a spacious residential area that is removed from the everyday noise of the city.

A woman sitting on an edge looking at the city.

Some consider Bellerose an ideal blend of suburb and city.

The Rockaways 

The Rockaways is a coastal neighborhood, that is very popular in the summer. Surfing, swimming and beach activities are very common here. Moreover, the Rockaways have a very tight and welcoming community, so starting a family here would be an excellent idea!

In conclusion

Scanning through this list you can see that there is something for everyone in Queens. You can find neighborhoods that are very active, some not so much, some that are located on the coast, while some are tucked far away from the hustle and bustle of New York Streets.  Either way, Queen strikes a perfect balance between the business of New York Streets and the old tucked away Tudoresque residential homes. Making sure that there is something for everyone! Hopefully, this helped you choose the right neighborhood in Queens. If you are planning on moving to Queens from a different state we recommend hiring interstate moving companies NYC that will for an affordable price help you relocate you to your dream home.