Hiring movers vs DIY relocation

Moving is a very life-changing process. This is why you have to think of all the possible problems and solutions to them. One of the key things to think about when conducting your move is the price. Are you financially ready to properly do your move? Do you want to move everything in one day, or can you split the work into a couple of days? Do you want to hire movers, or can you do it by yourself? If you have the answers to these questions, good for you! This will only help during your moving process. The moving process should also be as much stress-free as possible. This is why the idea of hiring movers is very appealing because they will make the job a lot easier. However, the cost of the move will jump as well. If you want to do it by yourself, you will have to be prepared. This endeavor will be very stressful and hard, but you will save money. There are pros and cons to both of these and in this article, we will consider both options.

Packers packing some lamps.

Let professionals take care of everything for you.

Hiring movers

Benefits of hiring a moving company

Hiring a moving company will make your move a lot easier. You will not have to worry about lifting your couch or your closet; the movers will do it for you! They are experienced with lifting heavy things and will not do any damage to the surroundings. They will also rarely slack because they are seasoned professionals, and are also under a lot of pressure, including you and your family, and the reputation of their company. However, being under pressure will not be detrimental to the process because they are veterans in the field and know how to handle it. During this time you can make further organizations. This includes checking out things on your inventory list and imagining how the unpacking process will go.

Hiring movers will also reduce the stress of conducting the whole move by yourself. You will not have to worry about every single detail. However, this does not exclude you from the moving process. You still need to be involved but in a way that will not be annoying to the movers. You should not teach them how to do their job. They understand that the things they need to handle are important to you and will act accordingly.

This will also make your job easier because you will not have to worry about transporting things from your old home to your new home. This excludes renting trucks or cars to help you move your belongings. You will also not be forced to drive a truck or a car with all your precious belongings and risk any kind of damage or accident happening.

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Have you calculated your budget yet?

Disadvantages of hiring movers

The disadvantages of hiring movers are pretty obvious. You will have to trust someone you do not know. And they will have to ensure that your trust was well placed. The price will also be high, depending on the amount of stuff you want to move. You should consider getting free estimates and quotes before committing to the move. The movers will also put you on their schedule and you may have to wait for more in order to start your move. One good side of making a schedule with your movers is when you want to move offseason, they will probably agree to your time and date because they do not have a lot of work during these off-season months.

DIY Move

Benefits of moving by yourself

The most important benefit of moving by yourself is that you will save a lot of money. However, the experience will be very stressful and hard and will test your mettle. When hiring a moving company there may be some hidden costs for services they did not emphasize. In other words, the small print. Another thing that benefits your during a DIY move is that you do not have to conform to anyone’s schedule besides your own. You can even do your move across a couple of days as previously mentioned. You also have to consider the distance of your move. If you are moving within the same city, or to a town that is close to your own, doing the move by yourself is a good plan. Only if you are ready for the test, of course. Moving also means that you will have full control over your belongings. This will make you less nervous because you know that your things are in good hands, your hands.

You can also do the packing how you see fit. You can check how you can arrange boxes in your car or your truck, without anyone telling you it has to be done in another fashion. There is no need to put everything in boxes if you fear that it will break and just put it on your car seat and buckle it up. Of course, you can add some protective layers such as plastic wrap or packing paper.

Disadvantages of moving yourself

Planning the whole move will take a lot of time and even then, you may have something you forgot. You will also have to ask your (unwilling) friends to help you move and lift heavy items. There are many ways this can go awry. For example, you can accidentally do damage to your items, surroundings, or worse, yourself or your friends. There are many instances of people being injured during their move, just because they underestimated the weight of something.

Somebody carrying boxes because hiring movers wasn't on their ''to do'' list.

If you don’t have enough time to handle your relocation – hiring movers might be the right choice for you.

Conclusion about hiring movers

Whether you decide to do a DIY move or to hire a moving company, some problems will arise, and some will be solved. In the final words of this comparative analysis, we must say that hiring a company is a way better option, provided you are financially ready to embark upon this endeavor. With a DIY move, the process will be a lot harder, and the benefits do not really overshadow the disadvantages. Whatever you choose, we wish you good luck with your move!