Guide to being a college grad in NYC

New York City always was, and always will be one of the most attractive destinations for college graduates. It seems like this won’t be changing any time soon because it’s number one location for millennials and young professionals looking to settle in an urban environment. However, moving to this big city can be a huge transition. Preparing beforehand will be crucial for the successful execution of this task. One of the preparation techniques should be to explore what’s being a college grad in NYC is really alike. This guide is exactly here for – to inform you of all the things that are waiting for you in the Big Apple.

Be sure about your decision

Before you hire some of the Bronx movers, think again what you are expecting from your move to New York. More importantly, are those expectations realistic. Did you really consider all the negative sides along with the positive ones?

The shinning lights and abundant of opportunities that this city is offering can be misleading. Truth to be told, living in NYC isn’t very easy. Especially for those coming from smaller towns. You really have to take every aspect of this huge city in order to make a final call about your relocation.
That should entail:

  • Monthly living costs and your ability to afford them
  • Selecting a suitable neighborhood
  • The prospects of finding the employment
  • Transportation and commute
  • Safety
  • The quality of life
  • Availability of the activities that interest you

You need to be happy with all of these features in order to have a fulfilled life in the new cities. Surely, it isn’t easy finding the place that checks all the boxes. However, it has to have features that are most important to you. If it doesn’t you won’t be happy in your new home and the relocation will be futile.

On the other hand, if you research these features thoroughly and determine that NYC truly is the city of your dreams, contact some reliable movers in Woodhaven NY and start planning your relocation.

Money is the biggest issue for being a college grad in NYC

It’s a common fact that New York is amongst the most expensive cities in the world. With housing being the biggest expense. For the amount of money that you will need to rent a studio apartment in this city, you can rent a house in one of the less costly cities.

Being a college grad in NYC will fill you with dreams and endless possibilities. However, its high price tag can break them into pieces. That is why you have to be realistic about your expectation and plan your moving budget wisely.

Explore all the costs of living in New York, and see can you manage them.  The good news is that there are really plenty of employment opportunities. While the search for your dream job may take a while, you will be able to find work that will cover your bills.

Mobile phone and money - something that you will be lacking by being college grad in NYC

Living in such a costly city can be very hard.

Selecting a suitable neighborhood

Choosing a suitable neighborhood to live in is a very important part of being a college grad in NYC. While there are very good chances that your workplace will be in Manhattan, it is best to look for a home in other boroughs. Considering that this is by far the most expensive New York area to live in, expanding to other neighborhoods suitable for millennials and young professionals can contribute your finances significantly.

One of the best neighborhoods for college grads are:

  • Jackson Heights in Queens
  • Clinton Hill in Brooklyn
  • Fordham, in the Bronx

All of these areas are reachable from downtown via public transportation, meaning that commute is easy. If your mind is set on the Manhattan, opt for its cheaper neighborhoods like Murray Hill on the Upper East Side, which can be affordable and attractive for postgrads.


Queens is becoming more popular due to affordable housing and a great connection to the other parts of NYC.

Being a college grad will be easier if you use public transportation

Speaking of commute, you should keep in mind that traffic in New York is a nightmare for many. Especially for the newcomers, non-accustomed for the jams that can take hours to clear. This is perfectly understandable since every big city is facing this problem.

The best way to avoid it is to say goodbye to your car. While there are ways to overcome traffic in NYC, it will surely cause you additional stress on a daily basis.  Of course, there is also a problem of parking with the shortage of available parking spaces and high hourly fees. All added together, having a car in this city isn’t a very wise decision. It will also be a big burden on your budget, which is probably already slim.

Brooklyn street

Having a car in NYC is completely redundant.

It is certainly unnecessary cost since public transportation is functioning very well. There is a number of ways to commute in NYC, which are much better and faster than driving your own car.

Having roommates is a part of being a college grad in NYC

Affording an apartment on their own isn’t possible for the majority of college grads. Especially in the costly city as New York, but that doesn’t mean that living here is impossible. The solution is very easy – finding a roommate.

Cutting monthly living expenses in half will help you to experience all the charms of being a college grad in NYC is all about. In terms of exploring the city’s numerous entertainment options, checking out the best food trucks and affordable restaurants, visiting galleries and enjoying in other endless fun activities.

Since there are a lot of young people in a similar situation, it won’t be hard to find an ideal roommate, but it can take some time.

The right roommate can both ease your financial burden as well as allow you to make new friends and expand your social circles. On the other hand, a bad roommate can make your life a living hell. Meaning you should take as much time as you need to find a suitable one.