Guide on fine art moving and storage

Every relocation can be pretty complicated. There are so many things you need to take care of, so many things to plan ahead. And if you are moving some sensitive items like fine art you need to pay additional attention. Simply, the best thing you can do when it comes to fine art moving and storage is to hire experts. They can answer all of your questions, and depending on the type of your relocation advise you what is the best course of actions you can take. You can find professional movers that will provide you with all the information, and you can always ask them for a quote. So, when you actually start thinking and planning your relocation – you will be able to plan your budget.

What you should know when it comes to fine art moving and storage?

Well, if you are a collector and you have some pieces of fine art then you know that it is very important to move and store them carefully. But a lot of people make some mistakes when it comes to fine art moving and storage. Usually, people tend to use for example some plastic wraps to secure these items. And, to be honest, that is a very bad thing to do. Plastic wraps can actually cause damage to your valuable belongings. If you ask fine art movers NYC this will be the first thing that they will tell you. 

plastic wrap you should not use before fine art moving and storage
You should avoid using plastic wrap for your fine art!

Also, if you decide to store your valuable belongings there are some things that you need to take into consideration. You should really pay attention to the type of storage unit you plan on using. And, of course, it is very important how you actually store fine art. Those are some maybe small things, but they are very important when it comes to relocating and storing fine art.

How to prepare fine art for relocation?

Well, this is a very important step. When it comes to fine art moving and storage, preparation is the key. If you prepare fine art correctly, you can be sure that your valuable belongings will be safely preserved for a long period of time. You will also avoid any possible damage that can cause a drop in value.

Be sure to avoid mold

As we mentioned, it is very important to keep your fine art safe. You need to avoid using things like plastic wraps to prepare them for relocation. If you plan to store them for a long period of time, you really should consider hiring professional packers that will help you with this task. The best thing that you can do to avoid mold is to use some soft cloth to wrap fine art. When you are considering fine art moving and storage it is important to be prepared and avoid all possible problems. So, soft cloth will save fine art from mold, even in long-term storage.

soft cloth for fine art moving and storage
Using a soft cloth will save you a lot of possible trouble

Before fine art moving and storage – do the estimate!

A very important step that is often overlooked is to get an estimate on your fine art before you actually relocate it. Also, insurance is a great option so you can be on the safe side if anything goes wrong. Simple, there are ways to save money on storage and relocation but avoiding this step is not one of them. With an estimate and insurance, your belongings will be all accounted for, and if anything goes wrong you will be on the safe side. It might cost extra to get someone to do the estimate, but it will be good for the long run.

Make sure to document every piece

This is a very important step, and you should do it regardless of the estimate. The best thing you can do before fine art moving and storage is to take a picture of each piece and make a list with all the items and pictures. That way, if there is any damage and you need to prove it you will have the actual pictures before the relocation.

You should create a list that will help you to document every piece of your collection

Storing fine art – what’s to know?

Well, as you probably already know there are some items that need to be in a climate-controlled storage unit. And, fine art is one fo them. The best and the most important thing that you should consider before storing fine art is to get the climate-controlled storage unit. Also, if you are storing something very valuable you need to make sure that certain criteria are met and that your valuable fine art is safe.

Make sure to get a climate-controlled storage unit before fine art moving and storage

The best thing to do is to go and explore the storage unit before the actual relocation. You need to check the storage unit, security and the condition of the unit. Check are there any traces of bugs, or mold. Also, you should make sure that there is no sunlight inside, to avoid any damage from constant exposure to sunlight. Check the security in that facility as well. Those are just some simple things that are important, and you should check them before you store fine art.

And, the reason for a climate-controlled storage unit is simple. In those units, there are no shifts in temperature. It is always the same, and that can only ensure that your valuable belongings will be safe no matter how long you decide to store them.

Do a routine checkups

Although it might seem like additional work, it will bring you peace of mind. You should simply go when you have enough time, and do a routine check-up on fine art in storage. That way, even if there is any problem you can solve it and avoid any long-term damage. That way, you can be sure that your valuable belongings will be always safe.

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