Downsizing before your move: guide

The importance of downsizing before you move is great! Not only will you have fewer items to pack and carry, but also your moving quote will be lower. In the following article, we will tell you more about why this is the first thing you need to do before the move as well as how to do it properly. Trust us, this is not something hard or time-consuming. With a good guide and careful planning, you will downsize before relocating in no time at all!

Downsizing before your move – why do it?

Many people think that downsizing before moving is not that important. On the other hand, many people are wrong! Ending up paying more for their relocation is not something you should be worried about! You have decided to downsize therefore you will surely save some money. Now, not only will you have financial benefits from it but psychological as well! Recent studies have shown that if we live in a crowded space filled with clutter and other items, we are letting our home controlling our lives. Instead of vice versa! It is important to control our living space in order to benefit in other fields in life. And downsizing before your move is one way to do it.

Woman wondering about the benefits of Downsizing before your move

There are many benefits to downsizing before your move

This particular task is important if you are moving long-distance. Since you will have fewer items to transport, the risks of damages are lower. And if you think you can’t handle it yourself, you can always count on long distance movers NYC to help you with your relocation!

Financial benefits of downsizing

Now we are at the point of why is it important to downsize before your move. Mainly the fact that the quantity of items you are transporting heavily influences the moving estimate! More items you have to transport, higher the moving cost! Now, why is it like that, you might ask? Simple! With all the items you have to carry, some are certainly more expensive than others. Meaning, you will have to use better packing supplies in order to protect them during the relocation! Therefore, your movers will bring more packing materials which will cost you more. Not to mention if some items require special handling. This can all add up to the final cost of the move!


dollar bills

You can save quite some cash by downsizing before moving

There are several ways to get more money before moving by downsizing. You can sell all the items you do not need anymore on garage sales or yard sales. Also, you can use craigslist to sell them as well. If money is not the issue, then you should give them away. Anyway, this way you will earn more money you can use for any other special moving services you might get. Also, this is a good way to get rid of unwanted items. With that extra cash in hand, you might think about moving those expensive items n your home. Such as artwork! Use that money to get services from fine art movers NYC in order to transport your art pieces safely!

Benefits of downsizing

With both financial and psychological benefits of downsizing, you will see that there are a lot of other opportunities you can have in your life. More pleasant space to live in and bigger control over your surroundings. But not even then you can fully do with your home what you wish to do.  In order to do everything properly, you need to think more about how to decorate small spaces! Only then you can utilize your living space to the max!

Rent a storage unit when downsizing before your move

One other way to downsize your home is to rent a storage unit. These units are a perfect solution when you lack some space, but also do not want to get rid of those items. Now, depending on what kind of items you are storing, you will need a different type of unit. From climate-controlled to more spacey units. It all falls down on your needs! Make sure you have measured everything before you start putting your items in storage units. Because that way you will be sure that your belongings can actually fit within the units! This way you can know exactly the size of the storage unit you need! This is just one of the benefits of renting a storage unit in the short term. Until you find more room or a better way to utilize space in your home!

a storage unit

Storage units are a perfect solution when downsizing

More room space means more decorating options

As we mentioned before, it is important to know how to remodel and decorate the small living space you are moving to! Downsizing before your move is important but not as important as how to make a new home look like HOME. There are several ways you can do it, but as we said it, it depends on your taste and a way of life. Whatever you wish to do, do it to make yourself happy and your life in your new place more pleasant.

If you start your research, you can find several good remodeling tips after you move you can use for your new home. They are a simple, cheap and yet very good addition to your new place!

This article should give you a much-needed answer on why is it good to downsize before your move! With all the above – mentioned benefits, you will find no issues with your relocation at all! If you believe we missed something, then you can add it in the comment section down below! We are more than happy to hear from you anytime soon! Downsizing is important because it does save you money, and gives you better control over your life! Not to mention many other benefits as well!