Different kinds of moving estimates

When the need to relocate present itself, it brings the financial burden with it. However, if you know where to look and plan your budget thoroughly, this adventure doesn’t have to be that expensive. Speaking of the moving costs, understanding the difference between kinds of moving estimates is crucial. Obtaining an accurate moving estimate is vital, but getting the type of estimate that exactly suits the individual requirements of your move is equally important. Learn what kinds of moving estimates are they and get a precise calculation of the moving costs.

How are relocations estimated?

The type of move will have a big impact on your total moving costs. It’s not the same if you are moving across the country or just down the street. Also, if you have the need to hire fine art movers NYC, or specialized professionals to move your specific items like a piano or a hot tube, your expenses can be higher than when moving only ordinary household items.

Features for estimating different types of relocation:

  • Local moving – The costs for these types of move are usually depending on the time that movers will spend moving your items. Meaning, the per-hour charges apply. Therefore, variables include the number of movers on the crew, size of the necessary moving vehicle and the labor hours until relocation completion.
  • Long-distance relocation – The total weight of your belongings and the total relocation distance will have the greatest impact on the total moving costs. An estimator will also factor in the moving obstacles if there are ones.
  • International move – By far the most expensive type of relocation that will include the shipping fees and necessary documentation. Like in the case of the long-distance move, the number of your things and distance will dictate the price of the overall moving expenses.

Different types of moves have different estimation parameters.

The most common kinds of moving estimates

Now that you know what are the most important factors for calculating your moving costs, you should learn what kinds of moving estimates exist. They aren’t all the same, and you should know what type is the best for you.

Surely, when you hire the most reliable movers Flushing NY has to offer, the professionals will give you the estimate according to the relocation requirements. It is beneficial for both parties since it makes things more transparent. That way, the movers will protect themselves from claims, and the customer will know exactly how much money should set aside for the moving services.

However, that’s only the case if you hire trustworthy and highly reputable movers. If you fail to recognize the fraudulent movers, you can be facing a lot of problems. They will be luring you with the much lower estimates, but keep this in mind – when services of the company are much cheaper than the competition, it’s too good to be true. Moving estimates are exactly how they get you.

To prevent that from happening, you should know what are the most common kinds of moving estimates:

  • Binding moving estimate
  • Binding not to exceed moving estimate
  • Non-binding moving estimate


A binding moving estimate is the most common of three kinds of moving estimates

While online moving quote can give you some sense about the moving costs, receiving a binding agreement will give you a more accurate amount of what you will pay. You will be paying that amount in all cases. If the movers on a moving day determine that the actual weight of your belongings is above what was estimated, you will still be paying the price that is on the agreement.

On the other hand, if the weight of your shipment is below the estimate, you will have to pay the price that is on the contract.

Regardless, this is the best of three kinds of moving estimates, from the planning point of view.
It gives you a fairly accurate amount of what total moving costs will be, which is making planning your moving budget easier.

Estimator explaining the customer what kinds of moving estimates are in the contract

A binding moving estimate doesn’t protect you completely.

Non-binding moving estimate

Since these estimates don’t hold your mover to the estimated cost, they aren’t as common. Therefore, overall moving costs may be above or below the estimate.

Shady movers entice their customers exactly with low non-binding estimates. This type of agreement gives them the right to boost your moving bill once the relocation is complete. Fraudulent movers don’t have to necessarily fly under the legal radar check out howell’s heating & air conditionining. They can have valid FMCSA license and still “scam” customers without breaking a law, through the non-binding estimates.

Letter cubs spelling the word risk

This type of estimate comes with a big risk.

It is important to point out that if the final cost is higher than the non-binding estimate, the movers can’t require you to pay any more than cost plus 10% of the total cost on a moving day.
Any additional charges will need to be settled with the moving company in 30 days.

While it can sound like a great deal, these kinds of moving estimates are actually quite risky. Avoiding them and getting another type of estimation will secure the piece of your mind.

Binding not to exceed moving estimate

From all kinds of moving estimates, this is the most customer-friendly type of all. It is also known as as “guaranteed price” or “price protection”. Meaning your price will be adjusted if the total cost is lower than estimated.

In the case the move cost comes in over the estimate, you don’t pay any overages.
It is a win-win situation since you will be paying a lower or exact price that is on the contract.

You are likely to get this type of moving estimate when conducting a  long-distance move. Due to other parameters of estimation, they aren’t common when the local relocation is in question.