Clever Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

You have found your perfect place in Glendale NY, but it is a little bit smaller than you wanted. Don’t let that stop you from moving in into that apartment. Today, there are so many storage solutions for small spaces – that you can definitely make it work. You just need to look for movers in Glendale NY that can help you relocate easily and help you to fit everything into your new, maybe smaller but great apartment! 

How to know what is your perfect storage solutions for small spaces?

Well, first of all, you need to take a good look at your new place. You should try to visualize where your furniture and all belongings will fit. So, do not forget to measure everything and make sure that it can fit into the desired place. There are a lot of storage ideas for small spaces, and we are sure you can find the right one. So, once you have checked everything and decided what will go where – now comes the harder part. You need to go through your belongings and decide what you will keep, what you will store and what you will throw away. We know this might be hard but just think about your dream little cozy apartment.

Think vertically

Although a lot of people will try to talk to you about all the pros and cons of a small apartment – stick to your decision. One of the arguments you can use and that you can implement in your home – think vertically. For example, you can use a vertical shelf that you can hang on your door and store there all those little things. You will save a lot of space. This is just one fo the numerous storage solutions for small spaces. So feel free to hang shelves and use all the vertical space!

vertical shelf as a great storage solutions for small spaces

Vertical shelves are a good solution for small spaces

Double duty furniture is great as storage solutions for small spaces

So, when we think about furniture we don’t think about all the functions it can do.  We usually see a table as a table, bed as a bed and nothing more. But today, there are so many different designs and so many options. We are sure you will find a perfect storage solution for your small apartment. You can have a shelf that you can turn into a table in a matter of seconds. Also, we need to mention- do not be scared – they are not expensive and they can look pretty nice. Convertible furniture is the future!

functional furniture in bedroom

Functional furniture is key!

DIY projects

So, when it comes to finding a perfect storage solution for small spaces – you can be creative and try different DIY projects. Once your Manhattan movers have unloaded everything – you can start doing some projects and pack up your things into your new apartment. Don’t be discouraged since you can find a lot of the materials you need in your local store, and you just a little bit of creativity. You can make your small apartment very cozy and nice, and above all functional.