Checklist for moving overseas

Moving locally or even long-distance can become such a drag! Not to mention when you have to move interstate or overseas! There are a lot of things you need to take care of before you move away in order to have a successful relocation! Here we will discuss the best checklist for moving overseas you can use when you plan your worldwide relocation! We hope it will help you a lot!

What to do before you make a checklist for moving overseas

When it comes to oversea moves, you have to check a lot of things before you move. First things first, you have to check if your passport is still valid and does the country you are moving to require a visa. Second, you have to take time in finding a good and reliable long distance movers NYC. This task takes the first spot on our checklist for moving overseas. And there are several things you have to look out to when hiring movers. Especially when it comes to oversea relocation! The factors that influence whether or not you will hire them are:

  • Positive customers feedbacks – If someone already used their services for their oversea relocation, they will leave a review of the company. This will help you chose whether or not to hire them.
  • How well trained their staff is! Meaning, this oversea moves can be costly and you can’t leave your items in the hands of amateurs.
  • What kind of equipment they use – Properly packed items have a better chance of not getting damaged during the oversea relocation!
Hand holding 5 stars review

Finding movers with good feedback is one of the tasks on the checklist for moving overseas

These are just some of the factors you need to have in mind when it comes to searching for the moving company. Especially when we talk about oversea relocation!

Gather  packing supplies

Unlike any other type of relocations, oversea moving requires special care and handling! Because it can last long and anything can happen, you need to make sure your items are properly packed and loaded! This is where you need to take in count that you have to get proper packing materials! Not just your household items such as old fabrics, blankets, etc. Not this time! You have to take into consideration the safety of your belongings. Especially if you have expensive items in your household. Better cases, wrapping materials, etc are just some of the things you need to have before you relocate overseas. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to hire residential movers NYC who are experts in packing and moving! They can properly pack your items and let you rest assured that no damage will happen to them!

packing material gathered as one of the tasks on the checklist for moving overseas

You will need good packing materials for oversea relocation

Book your apartment

Next stop on our checklist for moving overseas is to book your apartment in advance! It is very important to do it in time because you will have a lot more options to chose from before you move to the desired country. Also, if you start looking for a place to rent way before you move, you might even find it cheaper! All you have to do is visit a global apartment rental website and look for your new home in one of the cities you are moving in. Trust us, this is a very important part of your relocation you need to take care of. If you do not do it, you might end up not moving at all before you solve it!

Cartoon man booking his apartment with a call center girl

Don’t forget to book your apartment before you move overseas

How will you move your items

Moving is one thing, but moving your items another! You need to look out for it and decide which type of transport is best suited for your needs. There are a couple of ways you can transport your items overseas. And they are either by sea freighter or air freight. Both ways have their pros and cons. For instance:

  • Airfreight – although being very quick can be very costly
  • Shipping by sea will take some time but it will cost less and it is more eco-friendly than air freight

Whatever way you chose, you need to finish it after booking your apartment. As one of the tasks on our checklist for moving overseas, you have to finish it before relocating. It doesn’t hurt to know other ways to ease up a long-distance relocation so you won’t have any troubles when the moving day arrives!

two ship freighters on the sea

Transporting your items by ship is cheaper but a lot slower

Copy all important documents

Yes, this is quite an important task you must finish before you move overseas! Every important document you possess must be copied into at least 2 copies. This way, you will have copies of those documents in case something happens to them during the relocation. Always keep the most important documents in a hard case at your side! Depending on how important they are, you need to take good care of them before you relocate to your new home! Some of those documents may help you move abroad without having any issues! Meaning, you might already have something they require you to have before moving!

A person coping important documents as one of the tasks on Checklist for moving overseas

As one of the most important tasks on the checklist for moving overseas don’t forget to copy important documents

Important documents regarding your pets

The last but not the least part is getting necessary permits for your pets if you have some! A lot of countries have their own laws and regulations regarding pets and importing animals. If you have some exotic animal as a pet, you will either get denied or will have a hard time getting desired permits. Because they are protecting their eco-system and do not want to have any mishaps! Make sure you get to know about these rules and regulations from their government websites before you relocate!


These are just the basic and most important tasks on our checklist for moving overseas you need to know about! Without them, you won’t be able to commit such a relocation! This guide, hopefully, helped you realize how hard, but not impossible to accomplish, moving overseas is! If you are already an experienced long-distance mover or an expat, please, feel free to leave a comment about your experience!