Can you negotiate moving estimates?

Moving can be expensive. There’s no way around that. Some companies are cheaper, some are more expensive. But either way, you are looking at a serious expense when moving. But, what if you could negotiate moving estimates? What if you can  “bargain” with your movers to get a better price. Well, while you can’t simply ask for a lower price and get it, there are many things that you can do to lower it. From picking the right time to dropping a few services that you might not need. 

It’s ok to negotiate moving estimates

Many people don’t like negotiating for the price of services. It’s uncomfortable and makes you look cheap. But, it’s something that can save you a lot of money. And it’s not all that uncommon. You can negotiate moving estimates so long as you remain respectful to their hard work. It applies to all kinds of movers. From long distance movers NYC to local moving companies. Almost all companies will be willing to make certain concessions. As long as you know what to ask for.

person with a check sign as sign that it is okay to negotiate moving estimates

You should feel free to negotiate moving estimates

Negotiate moving estimates with multiple moving companies

It doesn’t matter if you want to negotiate or simply looking for a good deal. You should always contact at least a few moving companies for your relocation. Find local movers NYC and ask them for an estimate. Contact out of town companies and see if you can get a better price. If you are moving to another state, contact the movers there to see if they might be able to offer you a good deal. That way, you will not only be able to pick the best price. But, you will also get the sense of the pricing and services offered. And you will have more information to work with when you negotiate moving estimates. You will know what their competition charges. And which services they offer. And you will be able to use that in your favor. 

Beware of the prices that are too low

If you are looking for an affordable moving company, you will most likely contact many moving companies. But, you need to be careful. Moving fraud is one of the most effective ways for thieves to get your belongings. You essentially hand them off your belongings. And you either never see them again. Or they end up charging you way more than you agreed. A price that you have to pay if you want to see your belongings again. So, when contacting multiple moving companies beware of those very cheap offers. If the moving company is significantly cheaper than the competition, you should proceed carefully. Any price that is too good to be true almost always is. 

danger sign

Don’t accept too low offers!

Choose only reputable moving companies

In your search for the lowest price make sure to only contact reputable moving companies. Especially if you have valuable items that you want to move, like antiques or fine art. It’s always better to pay a little bit extra for reputable fine art movers NYC and not worry. Than to regret the decision later and lose your belongings. 

How to negotiate moving estimates like a pro?

Once you’ve gotten multiple offers for your relocation, it’s time to negotiate moving estimates. And get the best price possible for your relocation. There are many things that you can do to lower the price. And without having to haggle.

Offer flexibility when you negotiate moving estimates

One of the ways in which you can lower your moving costs is by being flexible. When you negotiate moving estimates tell the movers that you are flexible. Be open to moving your moving day by a few days or even a week. That way, your NYC movers will be able to fit you into an empty spot. And probably lower your moving estimate. But, it’s just one of the ways in which you can save money when moving.

calendar to set a date for negotiate moving estimates

If you are flexible with a date, you will get a better price!

Choose the offseason when moving

Another way in which you can lower your moving expenses and better negotiate moving estimates is by choosing an offseason. Moving companies, in general, have a moving season from May until October. They are too busy and too overloaded to offer lower prices. But, if you pick an off-season month for your move, you can probably get a much better offer. And they will be more willing to lower the price. 

Use their services to negotiate moving estimates

Many moving companies offer various services that go together with their moving plans. So, when they give you an estimate they already calculate those services into their offer. So, one of the ways in which you can negotiate moving estimates is by not taking some of those services. And there are probably a lot of them. From movers taking your belongings into the house when unloading to packing services. So, if you don’t need some of those services, use that to lower the price. Ask your movers how much will they be willing to lower the price if you don’t take some of those services. 

services that can help you negotiate moving estimates

Check what moving services are included in the price!

Ask and wait for promotions and coupons

Many moving companies offer regular promotions and coupons. Especially in the off-season. And that’s a great way to score a nice discount on your relocation. So, when you start looking for moving companies, focus on the ones that are running promotions. Also, search the web for any coupons that might be applicable on their website. If you don’t find anything, it’s quite ok to ask the moving company if they are running any promotions. And see if you can get a better price that way. 

Be respectful when you negotiate moving estimates

Whenever you are looking for a better deal, you have to remember to be respectful. Moving companies charge what they think is the best price. And what they can afford to charge. So, be respectful and polite when asking for a discount. It will go a long way in making your relocation more affordable.