Best NYC neighborhoods for single people

If you’re planning to move to a new place as a single, then there’s no better choice than NYC! This is the city of opportunities, adventures, and exciting people. Trust us, people who live in NYC don’t know what being bored means. In order to prove you this, we have listed the best NYC neighborhoods for single people and what makes them one of the best. Keep reading if you want to learn more about these awesome places!

What do popular NYC neighborhoods for single people have?

If you think about hiring movers Floral Park NY to relocate your belongings to some new location, you’ll need our help. When moving without a company, you’ll want to conduct thorough research of the neighborhood where you’ll be moving to. However, if you have decided to move to NYC, you should know that not all of its neighborhoods will be a good choice for singles. One of the reasons why NYC is one of the greatest cities to be in is the fact that it can please all ages and tastes. However, you don’t want to move as a single to a neighborhood that’s family-friendly. These places usually have three or four-bedroom houses that are in most cases pricey. So, if you want to experience living in a neighborhood that can please single people, here’s what that neighborhood needs to have:

Man staring at the wall.

Make sure to write all of the things you want your new neighborhood to have.

  • Affordable homes. If you’re the only one who’s moving, you won’t need to find a huge home. Therefore, you’ll want to move to a neighborhood that has homes of the right size at a cost-effective price.
  • Plenty of outdoor activities. It’s always good to have some kind of a hobby. And, sticking to it will be easier if it’s in the neighborhood you’ll be relocating to.
  • Great nightlife. Moving to NYC neighborhoods for singles means you’ll be moving to a place with lots of interesting clubs, cafes, restaurants. NYC’s nightlife is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime!
  • Safety. Having fun, doing sports, and meeting new people is great, but you’ll want to live in a safe neighborhood. There’s no point in moving to the place that’s close to the most popular club when if the neighborhood is not safe. Choose your new neighborhood wisely!

The most popular NYC neighborhoods for single people

Now that we have taught you what makes one neighborhood great for singles, let’s learn which NYC’s neighborhoods meet the criteria. We’ll write a sentence or two about the most popular ones. However, it’s important to point out that there are many neighborhoods in NYC that can suit your needs. Therefore, after reading our article, make sure to do your own research and find other great NYC neighborhoods for single people. It is necessary to have options when deciding where will your reliable residential movers NYC relocate you to.

West Village

Manhattan skyline

Some people refer to West Village as one of the quietest and most sophisticated gems of Downtown Manhattan.

There is no doubt that West Village is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for singles! So if you’re searching for a place where you can shop all day, stroll along winding streets or enjoy great cafes, this is where your search will end! The West Village has one of the best locations in NYC – it is tucked between Greenwich Village and the Hudson River.

The area is mostly residential, but there are also many interesting places where you can hang out alone or with your friends. What makes West Village stand out among other NYC neighborhoods is the fact that it represents the combination of old and new. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy charming townhouses and amazing modern museums and galleries. Being one of the best NYC’s neighborhoods, many singles decide to hire moving companies NYC to relocate them right here.


Williamsburgh is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The main attractions in this neighborhood include hip bars, modern galleries, and awesome music performances. Therefore, there so need in explaining to you why Williamsburg is constantly being voted as an NYC neighborhood with the best nightlife. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get the necessary rest when living in Williamsburg. This neighborhood has calm streets as well as those that are a bit noisier.

Williamsburg is not only one of the most popular NYC neighborhoods for single people, but it’s also a place that attracts mostly younger crowds. All of them like to spend their afternoons in the famous Domino Park, and their evenings in one of those popular bars.


A brick house in Astoria that is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for single people.

If you want to live in Queens, then you should most definitely move to Astoria!

Astoria is a middle-class NYC neighborhood that needs to be on the list of the most popular places for singles. This is a diverse community that mostly attracts single people and young professionals. It’s necessary to point out that you can find here affordable homes with ease! Therefore, you actually won’t spend a lot if you move here and learn how to avoid bonus moving costs. Apart from affordable lifestyle, a great place for startups, what can Astoria offer you?

One of the reasons why the residents love living in this neighborhood is the fact that it’s close to Midtown. You can live next to it but be also away from the noisy happenings. In addition to this, the food scene is remarkable! And, let’s not forget mentioning the views of Upper Manhattan and Hellgate bridges are mesmerizing! Moving to Astoria is, without doubt, the best decision to make whether you’re single or not!

As soon as you set your foot in NYC, you’ll realize that finding NYC neighborhoods for single people is not as challenging as it sounds. With our guidance and help from other people, you’ll be able to find a neighborhood that suits you the most. Make sure to not rush things, and you’ll soon find the perfect place for your new home!