Best neighborhoods for families in Queens

Queens have many great neighborhoods where you can raise a family. Because it has an amazing school system. And besides that in Queens, you can find many entertainment centers. Take your kids for a walk, hike, or you can go to the nearest park and zoo. Adults can have fun in many restaurants, nightclubs, and local events. Here, on this page, you can find the best neighborhoods for families in Queens.

About Queens

Queens is the largest of the five boroughs of New York City. The borough lies on western Long Island and spreads across the width of the island from the junction of the East River and Long Island Sound to the Atlantic Ocean. Queens is mostly residential, though it has manufacturing around Long Island City and storage and shipping facilities lining the East River. New York City’s John F. Kennedy International and La Guardia airports are in the borough, as are several branches of the City University of New York and the main campus of St. John’s University, New York.

best neighborhoods for families in Queens.

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Bayside is a large section, and it’s one of the best neighborhoods for families in Queens. It includes the communities of Bayside Gables, Bayside Hills (development-style housing), Bay Terrace (larger apartment buildings), Belcourt, Lawrence Manor, Oakland Gardens (home to Queensborough Community College), Tall Oaks and Weeks Woodlands. Is an affordable option for families with most single home rentals running less than $2,000 a month. The neighborhood has many restaurants and shops. Bayside has hundreds of acres of parks, with ballfields, golf courses, picnic areas, and hiking paths. Also, it’s a great option for parents, as the neighborhood holds some of the best public schools in Queens.

Long Island City

Long Island City was an epicenter of manufacturing and now home to one of the City’s most exciting art scenes. The neighborhood transformed industrial buildings into galleries, museums, and studios, and there’s a fast-growing list of must-visit restaurants, shops and performance venues.

If you prefer urban to suburban, then Long Island City is a great option to look into. The city has all of the convenience and amenities of New York City but without the sky-high rent. Enjoy art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and gourmet food stores located throughout the neighborhood.

The Rockaway

The Rockaways were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, but now they are rebuilt and quickly gaining popularity. A popular summer destination, this neighborhood is mostly populated by working-class families. But it’s not just a summertime destination. The area has the only two surf beaches in the City, along with fishing spots and numerous playgrounds for kids. The Rockaways are mostly filled with tight-knit communities and features the only legal surfing beach in the city.

Forest Hills

Forest Hills is one of the best neighborhoods for families in Queens. This family-friendly neighborhood is well-liked by residents for its safe streets, ample parks, and great schools. And also, here you can visit famous restaurants and try hiking in beautiful parks.

A park in one of the best neighborhoods for families in Queens

Kids can have fun playing in the park. Take them out, and let them enjoy!

You can find your dream home here with small yards for an affordable price. With a range of housing styles and prices, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment for $2,000 a month, just down the street from a one-million-dollar home. Forest Hills offers a balanced mix of modern apartment complexes and century-old colonial houses. On the weekends, locals go to Forest Park to ride horses, golf or play fetch with their dogs. Additionally, Forest Hills owns fine dining, cafes, boutique shops, and nightclubs along Austin Street.


If moving to New York City has you nervous about leaving your quiet suburban life, consider buying a house in eastern Queens. Your kids will notice little difference between Bellerose and any other middle-class suburb in America.

Bellerose is known as one of the best neighborhoods for families in Queens. Designed for families who want space and private backyards, single-family detached homes are the only real housing option in Bellerose. Houses sell for about $400K and have lower tax rates than suburbs outside of New York City. You’ll have no problem driving around this neighborhood to reach the area’s parks, shopping centers, and race track.

Jamaica Estates

The ideal location for families is with the best public elementary schools in Jamaica Estates. This wealthy suburb is set near midtown dining and entertainment and an east subway hop away from Manhattan. There are many single-family houses with the price at over a million dollars. However, if you are willing to foot the cost you will enjoy living in a quiet and safe community with oversized yards and classic architecture. The neighborhood is also an ideal choice if you are considering schools, as it’s nearby a large number of private schools.

The education system in Queens

Are you and your children planning to move to Queens? Well, when you are moving with your family you have to be well informed about the education system in Queens. If you have teenagers, you’ll want to start scouting out the best high schools in Queens to ensure that they get a good education. Queens has more than 80 district high schools, so it’s difficult to compare them against each other because of the many variations. But what are the best high schools in Queens? Its rankings are determined by how well the schools serve all their students, including disadvantaged students, in addition to graduation rates, state proficiency tests, enrollment, diversity, and free and reduced-price lunch programs.

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Why there are the best neighborhoods for families in Queens?

Queens has adventurous art, international food, gorgeous parks, and world-class sporting events. That’s pretty much something for everyone in a family. Queens features attractions to satisfy nearly every taste. Sports lovers can watch the New York Mets play baseball at Citi Field. In a venue nearby, you can take your family to see the US Open host the world’s best tennis players.

Every day can be an event, whether you’re sampling the delectable Greek cuisine of Astoria or authentic Chinese food in Flushing. And that is why Queens is so desirable for families with kids!