All you should know about moving insurance

Deciding to move can be a life-changing experience. This is why you need a good plan. You have probably heard about the possibility that a moving company can lose or damage your items. There are many reviews posted online claiming this. So when you see one of these reviews it is normal to feel nervous about your move. However, there are some ways to avoid this. One of these ways is getting moving insurance. When you cover your belongings with insurance, you can get recompensated for an amount. Yes, it will not bring your item back, or fix it, but it is something nonetheless. We have gathered experts and asked them a couple of questions regarding moving insurance. In this article we will talk in depth about moving insurance and what can you get if you buy it.

worrying about your belongings without moving insurance

Worrying about your items when you do not get moving insurance can be stressful.

A word about valuation

There is a specific type of moving insurance – valuation. Although it is not the same as moving insurance, it offers a similar thing. It is offered by the moving company and presents the different levels of liability – or “valuation coverage”. When the company offers this to you it is basically the amount of money they are willing to repay in case of bad service. Bad service, in this case, includes your items getting lost, damaged, or completely destroyed. However, there are some details about the valuation that can give the moving company an advantage. That is why we need to talk about valuation in more detail.

There are some items that are not covered by valuation

What kind of items are not covered by valuation will be discussed now. Some things that are outside of the movers’ control will probably not be covered by valuation. Here are some of the main reasons your belongings will not be covered:

  • Packing on your own – This will limit valuation because the movers can just say that you have not packed the item properly. This is why it is a good idea to see if your local NYC movers offer packing services. It will cost a bit more but it will be worthwhile in the end. It is better to pay a bit extra in order to avoid your damage to your items. FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) clearly states that you will have a harder time filing a complaint against your movers if you have packed on your own.
  • Not telling your movers about fragile items may cause damage that will not be covered by valuation. If they know beforehand that the items are fragile, they will pay proper care to them, and handle them differently.
  • Damage caused by natural events also tends to deny valuation coverage. Cold weather, fires, hurricanes and the like are outside of movers’ control and they will not recompensate you for this.
  • Reporting about your broken items too long after the move has been completed – If you move and do not file a report as soon as possible, there is a chance that the moving company will deny your valuation. Most moving companies leave about 9 months for customers to contact them. However, you should still check this with your moving company.
  • Another thing mentioned by the FMCSA is that you should not pack hazardous or perishable materials such as oil, fuel, or food. Properly empty your gas-operated machinery before the move to avoid this situation.
heavy rain

Damage caused by rough weather is not covered by valuation

Moving on to moving insurance

Now that we have covered valuation, it is time to move to actual moving insurance. If the valuation offered by your movers NYC is not enough for you, you can always get additional insurance. This is very recommended, especially if you are moving fragile or valuable items. You will do so through a third party insurance company. You can use this to avoid the things that valuation does not cover. The items that are insured will usually be covered up to three months after your move when they are placed in storage. You should check this with your company for details.

Another thing you should check is what you moving insurance covers. It basically covers any damage that may happen during your move or storage. Whatever the cause of the damage is, be it mother nature, or the movers’ fault, you will be recompensated. Some insurance companies will repay you an amount of what they deem the actual value of your item, considering the fact that it has aged and was being used. Others, though, will let you pay more and offer you a replacement for that specific item. You can also get insurance for your electronics. Some companies offer recompensation for internal damage in your electronic devices although the damage is not visible on the outside.

Some people also think that their homeowner insurance covers the items in transit. This is usually not the case, but you should still check the details with your insurance agent. Some homeowner insurance policies, though, do offer insurance on your belongings when you are moving. This is why we highly recommend you to check the policy.

golden piggy bank

Decide what to do based on your budget.

What else can you do to protect your belongings

There are some ways to protect your items without getting moving insurance, or relying on valuation. One of the ways is to snap a photo of each, and every item that you are moving. This can also help you to set things up in your new home, such as wiring for your electrical devices. This way you can file a complaint if the item is not in the same shape as in the picture. You should also pay attention to packing. We have already recommended getting a packing service, but if that is outside of your budget, you will have to pack extra carefully. Get the right box size, packing supplies such as packing paper and Styrofoam, and you are good to go! And last, but not the least, you need to get a reputable moving company. If you hire reliable movers nothing will stand in your way!