Are you planning on moving to Jamaica? Of course, we mean the Queens neighborhood and not the country, though the country is nice this time of year. But, the Queens neighborhood is nicer. For one thing, you get to live in NYC, the greatest city in the world! But the truth is, there are many ways moving to Jamaica NY will benefit you, so you really should consider hiring movers in Jamaica NY. And why wouldn’t you? Jamaica NY is a charming, middle-class neighborhood, with an excellent location and good commute to the rest of the city. Surprisingly enough, while a large percent of the population does hail from Jamaica the country, Jamaica actually got it’s name elsewhere! Namely, it’s original name was Yameco. But, the area was under Dutch rule, and the Dutch would spell ‘y’ with a ‘j’, which eventually led to the name as we know it.

A train approaching high rise buildings.
Who wouldn’t want to live in Queens, NYC?

Of course, it can be difficult to figure out where you want to move. But Jamaica in NYC has a great location – who doesn’t wanna be in Queens? Plus, you have all of the benefits of a relatively quiet neighborhood, with none of the suburb distance. You won’t have to travel for too long to get anywhere, once you’re safe and sound in Jamaica.

Why do you need movers Jamaica NY?

You might be thinking you want to DIY your move. But, is that really such a good idea? After all, there’s plenty of things that can go wrong, from misplaced items to moving injuries. Unless you’re actually experienced and have moved before, hiring movers in Jamaica NY is your best bet to have a good moving experience. After all, just think about how many things you need to accomplish to move! Packing up all your things, sorting them out, finding a truck, physically loading and unloading heavy boxes… its hard work! The whole thing can be avoided if you just use movers in Jamaica NY. You can even hire packing and unpacking services! If you hire professionals, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can just kick back and relax as they do the whole thing for you.

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Just do the math.

And you’d be surprised just how difficult moving can be for a layman – both mentally and physically! Sure, maybe you don’t think your collector’s edition set of Lord of the Rings weighs a lot, but get a moving box, load it, and carry it around? It gets difficult fast. Especially once you factor in stairs. And sure, everyone knows the old cliche of friends getting together to help move, getting paid in beers and pizza, but have you ever tried to lift a couch? It’s hard work. And we’re not even talking about the mental aspects – ever planned the most cost-effective route for a huge truck? A truck that you need to return by a set time, further hampering your options? Especially, maybe in a neighborhood, you’ve never visited? Spare yourself the stress, and just hire professional movers in Jamaica, NY.

What kind of movers Jamaica NYC do you need?

Of course, it’s important to figure out exactly what kind of move you need – and where to get it. Every move is different, and so you have to look for a custom-tailored moving plan instead of just a template. You can’t expect maximum satisfaction without maximum organization! If you need packing services, you need movers in Jamaica NY who provide them. If you need storage services, it would be easier to find movers who provide that, too. You have to research what mover you’re going to pick – this is especially important if you want to recognize fraudulent movers! And, of course, you have to make a budget – which means you have to ask around to get an average of the pricing. Definitely get a good idea of what the price usually runs before committing to it. Researching and reading reviews is your path to a good moving experience!

A woman holding a coffee in front of a laptop. Researching her movers in Jamaica NY no doubt.
Researching is more important than you may think!

What can our movers do for you?

There are a lot of Queens movers out there. It can be difficult to sort through all the trash to find the treasure. So, with that in mind, you might be wondering what our moving company can do for you – the answer might surprise you! There is a reason people think we’re DA best there is. We worked tirelessly to earn our reputation as some of the best movers in the business, and we have the experience to prove it!

  • We work really hard to improve every aspect of your move. It’s why we take every suggestion seriously. Your demands will not be brushed off – on the contrary, we try to incorporate as much of the customer’s request as physically possible. Of course, we’re as limited by physics as any other human – we won’t get from Florida to NYC in an hour! – but all reasonable requests will be honored.
  • We’re eager to please. At DA Moving NYC, your voice matters, and you’re more than just another number. You’re a valued customer! From our help-desk to our crew, we care for our customers.
  • You don’t have to worry about things breaking, no matter what your valuation policy is. Our crew knows exactly what they’re doing – you won’t find haphazardly placed boxes here! We’ve made sure our crew has impeccable training, so they know exactly how to use the moving equipment. Your things will be damage free.
  • Of course, we’re all limited by what you choose to hire us for. If you packed boxes badly and full to bursting, and they do burst, well that was just inevitable. But if you hired our packing services, your belongings will be completely, utterly safe! And we won’t pack too lightly – we’re not frauds, nor are we eager to mar your satisfaction.