Senior NYC Movers

Moving is never easy. But when you need to move out of the place where you’ve spent so many years, it gets increasingly difficult. To abandon a house full of memories is more than a mere relocation. And when the physical strength is fading, even the most simple labor ceases to be a child’s play. That is why our senior citizens deserve only the best when they seek for moving services. They deserve to be treated with respect and care. Our team of senior movers can help you and your loved ones relocate smoothly and stress free. Moreover, we’ll get you through the moving experience with a smile on your face.

An elderly couple on a vacation using services of senior movers
Our senior citizens deserve only the best moving services

Place your trust in us. DA Moving experts make every relocation easy, painless and hassle-free. Give us a quick call to inquire about our services!

With senior movers relocation runs smoothly and efficiently

With senior movers by your side, relocation is no longer a hassle. Our team of moving experts handles every task with energy and ease. The work you find most dreary is a mere routine for us. Highly skilled and efficient, our moving professionals will pack all your household belongings and move them in no time. Have a cup of tea with your loved ones and let us handle all the hard work. We don’t let our senior citizens take part in the exhausting labor. When we are in charge, others can sit back and relax.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal

We do not count success by numbers. We count success by the ever-expanding network of satisfied clients we have helped relocate. That is why we take client satisfaction as the ultimate goal of our business. DA Moving NYC provides a full-service moving experience that starts with packing and ends by a smile and handshake in your new home. We are aware that moving process involves a number of tasks and all of them require physical labor. With all the organization and preparation that precedes the move, you’ve got too much work to do already. Our senior movers will spare you the trouble and do all the heavy lifting.

We are fully licensed and insured

You cannot let anyone step into your home, let alone trust them with your belongings. In a world where moving scams have become a real danger, finding a reliable partner for your relocation is harder than it seems. You need someone you can depend on. Someone with experience and a verified position in the moving business. We are aware that nothing is more important than safety. That is why our movers are fully licensed and insured. We operate under a US DOT Number which states that our business is fully legitimate. In addition to that, we can provide you with a Certificate of Insurance (COI) if you feel you need one. We want our customers to feel at ease when moving with us. That’s why we are always ready to go the extra mile to meet your needs.

Our selection of services covers all your needs

No matter how far the road is taking you, DA Moving NYC has the knowledge and logistics to take you there. Our range of services includes both local and long-distance moving. Or perhaps you need to move out of state? No problem!

A traffic jam on a highway.
Senior moves can take you anywhere you need

With reliable vehicles and extensive experience we have gained over the years in business, interstate relocation presents no problem for our senior movers.

Packing is hard work

We also understand that packing gets more difficult with age. With so much bending and lifting, packing up every single item in your household is simply too much to take. Do not let the move turn into a back-breaking experience. Do yourself a favor and opt for professional packing services. Let our senior movers handle this part of the job for you. Not only will our experts do it in record time, but they’ll spare you the difficulty of wrapping, arranging and lifting. Your only job is to tell us what to do. We take care of all the rest.

Your delicate items are safe in our hands

Do you find it difficult to trust anyone with your precious tableware or silverware set? If you are relocating with our senior movers, your fears are unfounded. Our moving professionals are well-trained and have all the necessary expertise and knowledge to take good care of the most delicate items in your home.

A porcelain cup of coffee.
Your fragile dinner set is safe in our hands

But knowledge is not everything. More importantly, we care for your possessions. An armchair is much more than a simple piece of furniture if it holds memories. And we respect your memories. We also respect the trust you place in us. Allow us to do the packing and we’ll safeguard your delicate items in the best possible manner.

Pick the best services for your move and make a call

What traits are you looking for in a mover? First and foremost – professionalism, reliability, and efficiency. Our senior movers have all it takes. There’s no reason to doubt our moving experts. A number of satisfied clients we have assisted relocate across the state speaks for itself. Our reputation is built on trust and premium services we are offering. The quality of our work is indisputable. All you need to do is choose the best services for your upcoming relocation. Pick the ones that suit your needs and have no worries. Should you have any further doubts, DA Moving NYC team will be glad to resolve them. Contact us and schedule your move. Our senior movers will not disappoint you.