If you are a military member or grew up in a military family, you are pretty familiar with the lifestyle. Such families rarely stay put in one place for a long time and they have to move almost annually. Now, it’s completely understandable how such a move can impact the entire family. And that’s what military moving companies are here for – to help you go through this change as smoothly as possible. Here at DA Moving NYC we can’t promise you a perfect move, as that depends on many factors. But, we can promise you a reliable service and an attempt to turn your PCS (Permanent Change of Station) into something you won’t have to dread. Our team of military movers is reliable and well-trained, and they are at your disposal 24/7!

DA Moving NYC is at your disposal

The first thing you should know is that we think of you as our heroes. It takes a lot of sacrifice, courage and compassion to do what you do. For that reason, we want to give something back. Granted, offering help with your move is nothing in comparison to what you do for the country on a daily basis. But, it’s our way of showing appreciation and helping you as much as we can. And if you are looking for a NYC moving company with a crew of military movers, you have stumbled upon the right ones! No matter how busy we are, we will do our best to find enough time in our schedule and fit your move. Don’t worry – we will make your move a priority, as we always do with all of our customers. With DA Moving NYC, you get the royal treatment, be it for a local or a long distance move.

A king's crown.
You may not have royal blood coursing through your veins, but you’ll certainly feel special with DA Moving NYC.

Unmatched moving assistance

So, you just received the news about your Permanent Change of Station. Your family and you are probably worried, possibly even sad that you are leaving behind the city you are living in; and just when you made some good friends. While we can’t take the place of your good friends, we can give you the support you need in the days to come. And in the days leading up to your relocation, rest assured that you will need help from both your friends and military moving companies. And there are not a lot of NYC moving companies that can give you the help you need as we can. Some say that our moving assistance is unmatched. We can’t be the ones to claim whether this is true or false, but perhaps you can once your relocation is over. Until then, we can introduce you to the steps that will be leading up to your military move.

  • We will begin by setting you up with your personal moving assistant. This is a person who will be there for you throughout your entire relocation, and it’s a person all military moving companies should have.
  • Next, we will work directly with you in creating a moving plan tailored according to your particular needs. Whether those needs include us moving a family of seven across the state or moving you and your spouse to the neighboring city, we are there.
  • We will be there to aid you with our useful moving services. Do you need quality moving boxes NYC for your upcoming move? No problem, we’ll provide them. Do you need us to pack up your belongings, as well? Once again, we are here to help you!
A row of moving trucks of military moving companies.
Military moving companies should do much more than simply drive the moving truck.

Everything we have to offer comes at affordable prices

The sad truth is that military members are oftentimes not too financially endowed. Which is a huge problem, without a doubt. There are months when they could find themselves scraping by, trying to make ends meet. Then again, all families come to that stadium from time to time. Due to bad finances and the lack of money, people oftentimes think that hiring movers vs having a DIY move is a better option. But, there is no reason to go through all the trouble moving comes with when you can hire affordable military moving companies, such as DA Moving NYC. We know that not everyone is in the same financial situation. Also, we are aware that, if affordable, everyone would much rather move with some help from moving pros. So, we’ve made sure our prices fit even the tightest of budgets.

Here is a little tip for you: if you want to make your relocation more affordable, choose your moving services wisely. There is no reason to opt for packing services NYC if your budget is limited. Instead, get some help for the things you really need, like transport, and do the rest by yourself!

From all the NYC military moving companies, choose us!

And we can promise you that you won’t regret it! We will treat you and your family with the respect you deserve. Our moving crew will be friendly and approachable, which we find to be their greatest qualities. Sure, being professional and efficient is important. But, having a soul and being compassionate is much more important. Then again, you already know that, or else you wouldn’t be doing what you do.

Soldiers saluting.
We salute you and everything you do for our country!

There are plenty of military moving companies in the NYC area. And there is no doubt that a lot of them are good at what they do. But, if you want movers with a tender touch and a gentle soul, you should call DA Moving NYC. Add that to the fact that our prices are affordable, and you quickly get a recipe for one of the best moving companies. Hopefully, you will feel the same once your relocation is over, and you are safely moved to your new home!