Moving is difficult – we are all very aware of that. There are always so many things that you need to think about! And in a city as huge, crowded and busy as New York – this can be quite a challenge. Just imagine having to get your truck to your home in order to pack in a hurry and drive off to your new place. Not to mention all the things you need to do before the actual moving day comes around! However, there is an easy fix to this problem! All you need to do is call some great expert moving companies NYC has to offer! And if you are looking for the best movers Ridgewood NY has for you, then you should give DA Moving NYC a call!

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New York awaits for you!

We are the movers Ridgewood NY who care about you

DA Moving NYC started out as a simple moving service with the name of a “Man with a van”. Since then, back in 2013, we only had one goal – ensuring your satisfaction by making your NYC move as easy as can be! We are one of the rare residential moving companies NYC has that knows just how tough moving in New York can be! So, we gave it our all to ensure that your moving experience can be as good as it possibly can!

To ensure this, we had to grow over the years. Nowadays, we have many services at your disposal:

  • we offer both local and long distance moving;
  • we are the movers Ridgewood NY that offer you both residential and commercial moves;
  • and finally, we can also help you to pack and prepare for your move!
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Your satisfaction is our main goal!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your move is! We will help you with delivering one item to your whole office building – and help you smile through it all! Whichever need or worry you might have, you can bet that DA Moving NYC will be there to accomplish it. Talk to us about everything that might make you anxious, or about how you want your move to look. Through this perfect communication, we will ensure your satisfaction. But don’t take our word for it – countless positive reviews on Yelp will tell you this as well!

Get only the safest Movers Ridgewood NY!

When getting professional movers on your side, what is the one thing you need to worry about most? Well, they need to have the proper paperwork to do their job, of course! If you are working with shady movers, then you can’t be sure that you will get the best moving experience.

Lucky for you, here at DA Moving NY, we care about transparency and professionalism! This is why you can request that we provide you with our Certificate of Insurance (COI). We are licensed and insured for your own satisfaction. This way, we can guarantee your safety and the safety of your furniture and items.

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Save money (and your fragile items) with good packing services!

This way, we are also able to provide the best moving services NYC to you! It doesn’t matter to us whether you are moving to another side of the Big Apple or moving across New York state – we are here to provide help! If you are looking for experience and reliability – then we are your people! And since moving can be quite time-consuming and taxing, with the help of the best movers Ridgewood NY, you can focus and complete other tasks. This will not only save you from stress but save you time – and money – in the long run!

Packing is really important

One thing that many people often forget when moving is just how big part packing takes in the whole process. This is the reason many focus on moving, and getting moving help – and often forget about packing and unpacking. However, we are there to help with this task too!

There are no better packing and unpacking services than what you can find at DA Moving NYC! Just like everything in our company, our packing services are built around giving you the best moving experience possible! Other than your satisfaction, our second main priority is the safety of your items. To ensure it, we take great interest in what you are taking with you on the move. Then, we create a packing process around these items. We will take care of everything – from picking the best packing materials to actually packing your stuff up! You will not need to worry about anything with us!

Ridgewood, NY

So, now that you know you are moving with DA Moving NYC, let’s talk about Ridgewood. Is it really that attractive, and why should you move here? Well, for starters – for those who don’t now – Ridgewood is a neighborhood in the borough of Queens. You can find it surrounded by Maspeth, Middle Village, and Glendale. It also sits on the border with Brooklyn, being neighbor to Bushwick and East Williamsburg.

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Ridgewood has a long history.

People who live in Ridgewood are proud to be here! As part of the Queens – they are full of diversity! There are over 130 languages spoken in the county – and the same can be said about Ridgewood too! Besides Caucasian Americans, there are also Hispanics and Polish people, but you will also find Egyptians, Asians, and African Americans all around the neighborhood.

What’s the most attractive about Ridgewood, and one of the main reasons why people are calling movers Ridgewood NY, is that, overall, rents are lower than in the next neighborhoods. But no one really knows how long this can stay that way – so you should contact us as soon as possible! Ridgewood is a diverse and great neighborhood, and it’s waiting for you! Just like DA Moving NYC is waiting for your call, ready to provide you with premier moving services.