Fine Art

Every art aficionado, or even artist, has to move sooner or later. The only question is what to do with their priceless art collection. Art is what separates us from animals, and as such should be handled with the finest of velvet gloves. Many artists and collectors hesitate to let anyone near their precious darlings. However, an amateur moving art is the worst thing that can happen to it! Fine art is fragile and deserves special handling by a team of professional fine art movers. Are you looking for fine art movers NYC that elevate moving to an art form? Do you refuse to let anyone but the best in the business move your art? Do you want to follow in the footsteps of so many satisfied customers? Then look no further than DA Moving NYC – the Leonardo DA Vinci of moving!

Fine art
Fine art is delicate and detailed. Moving fine art should be the same

Of course, we understand how difficult it is to entrust your art collection to a mover. Especially if it’s your own personal work! Many artists feel like their art pieces are an extension of themselves, or beloved children – of course, you’ll hesitate to let just anyone handle your beloved works! But we’re not just anyone. We’re a trained team of art enthusiasts – who better to move fine art, than people who understand fine art? Our team of expert fine art movers NYC will work with you to design the best way to move your works, no matter what they actually are. From a series of paintings to marble busts, we’ve seen it all and we’ve shipped it all. No matter what kind of art your fine art is, you won’t surprise us at all!

Does your work qualify as fine art?

While art is in the eye of the beholder, fine art does have some qualifiers. Generally, the difference between fine art and applied art is if the art piece serves another purpose, or if it is l’art pour l’art. If you’ve made a beautiful statue, it’s fine art, even if most people just think of fine art as “oil paintings by the Old Masters”. If you’ve painstakingly painted an ornate wardrobe, illustrating it in all the colors of the rainbow, but still use it to hold your clothes, it’s still art of course, but it’s applied art. That’s not to say we don’t move applied art! We’ve got a wide range of residential moving services that can suit your fancy.

Artist and a painting
Our fine art movers NYC understand all specific needs their customers may have

Even if your work is applied art instead of fine art, we can still give it the proper treatment it deserves. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and reasonable to boot, so you won’t have to haggle over the details with us. After all, we’re here to help you, not make an already fraught time in your life worse! We have a wide variety of options when it comes to moving – not only can we move your art, but also we can move your office! DA Moving is your one-stop shop to a great moving experience.

Why should you hire fine art movers NYC?

Maybe you’re low on funds, or you don’t think moving art is difficult. However, if you decide to move your art collection on your own, you run the very high risk of damaging your art pieces! There’s an artistic way to move art – only properly trained, skilled fine art movers NYC know all the details about the best way to move art. After all, art is finicky!

Did you know that oil paintings can get damaged by the elements if you don’t store them right? Did you know that in most cases, improper unpacking damages the sculptures instead of the transit itself? Do you know how to crate your art? How to pad it properly? How to make sure it doesn’t slide around in its wrapping? We do. And we’ve done it before. From moving art galleries to moving private collections, we’ve gathered important experience geared towards giving your art the treatment it deserves.

a man standing in front of the painting
Imagine if a breathtaking piece of art like this was damaged in transit.

What can our fine art movers NYC do for you?

NYC is full of moving companies clamoring for your attention. How do you avoid fraudulent movers? And more importantly, what separates us from the rest? Well, our impeccable work ethic and high levels of skill, of course! We’re a crack team of relocation experts, who go above and beyond for every customer. You won’t find slacking on the job in our company!

  • We’re all genuinely passionate about this job. We wouldn’t be among the best if we weren’t! Our staff is more than eager to help you start a new chapter of your life right.
  • Our equipment is in perfect condition. You won’t find trucks breaking down among our ranks.
  • Our fine art movers NYC are passionate and dedicated – we all genuinely love art and love moving. We understand how important art is to our customers, and wouldn’t dream of doing anything to compromise that.
  • We have high-quality packing materials and don’t skimp on padding.
  • You’ll find us punctual and precise – a necessary skill, especially when it comes to art crating.
  • We offer a wide assortment of other moving services as well.
  • DA moving NYC customer service is top notch.
  • We have no hidden fees and no complicated legal loops. We have what you need, and our goal is to provide you with the best possible service as soon as you call us!